Custom Industrial Machinery

Custom Industrial Machinery

Do you have a  challenging production problem, or perhaps need a unique system?  Maybe you’re not sure where you can find the right help? If you recognise the need for a fresh pair of eyes to look at your problem, we’re happy to help.

Allow us to show you the benefits of our refined design, project management, and delivery processes.  We’ll help you refine your concept, narrow down requirements and work towards a working solution to your problems.  We have the methods, manpower and experience to give you the highest confidence in building your unique manufacturing solution.


We encourage you to contact us in the very early stages of concept development.


Getting us involved early in the development process can make a huge difference in total project profitability.  Give us a call once you realize that a process is too costly, or that manual assembly is no longer feasible. We’ll promptly assign the right engineer to work with you and  get the project moving in the right direction.


Custom Industrial MachinesHaving many years of experience designing and building custom industrial machinery, we can help you design the equipment, processes, and procedures to make your lines efficient, safe, and more profitable.  On every job, we benchmark new projects against the results of our previous designs.  This allows us to minimise your risk, and works well to accelerate the concept and proposal process.

A strong advantage of selecting us as  your bespoke machine builder is our hand-on expertise with virtually all types of applications.  We’re always happy to see our design, software, assembly, and support services all come together with your improvement ideas to bring you the best possible solution.


You’ll spend more time growing your business, while enjoying benefits that come with high-speed, quality operations.


We manage and perform all phases of a custom machinery building project, including:

  • Fabrication and welding
  • Machining of complex components
  • Procurement of raw materials, special materials, and commercial components
  • Specialised surface preparation and treatments such as plating and anodising
  • Specialty coatings and painting
  • Mechanical configuration, assembly and integration
  • Plumbing of any associated pneumatic or hydraulic systems
  • Control cabinet wiring—such as operators stations and PLC
  • Testing, integration, and verification


Custom Industrial MachnieryWhether it’s a single workstation or an entire line, we will recommend the best software and technologies to meet your throughput and quality requirements.  We will manage the purchasing, customisation and assembly of your system to the highest quality standards.

Our mission is to serve its customers by providing effective, innovative and cost-reducing solutions to address their needs.  We’re proud to have many happy customers—large and small—with equipment and systems ranging from the most basic to the extremely complex.


We take great care in each project we undertake, and our proven methodology ensures that we provide the same great service to each of our customers:


Precise, timely project costing

  • Quick understanding and analysis of your requirements
  • Detailed preliminary calculations and proposal drawings
  • Cost estimates—detailed explanations and options

Project Management

  • Capturing all requirements in detail.
  • Compiling and maintaining a project plan—including a schedule.
  • Performing detailed calculations and outlining best-case / alternative scenarios.
  • Preparing detailed drawings for layout, manufacture and assembly.
  • Design and build the control system architecture.
  • Drawing, specifications, and plan reviews.
  • Purchasing and delivery of components and equipment.
  • Managing the implementation process.

Project Completion

  • Conducting a thorough verification of final assembly and performing shop testing.
  • Providing user guide containing operation, adjustment, and maintenance instructions.
  • Initialisation: providing installation and start-up assistance as necessary.
  • Providing a full set of final assembly drawings.



Our engineers will efficiently turn your concept into a robust solution.  You’ll benefit from state-of-the-art 3D drawing and analysis technology as well as our extensive design experience.



Take your design from concept to implementation with engineers, technicians, and project managers.  We work hard to deliver custom machinery while meeting the highest quality standards.  We also stay on schedule and on budget.