Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation and  Automation Systems

While most manufacturing companies are content with minimalist reactions to external forces, the industry leaders make big steps forward. They anticipate and prepare in order to be ready for whatever comes next and do whatever it takes to stay competitive.

Technology is constantly evolving — and so is your business. Our industrial automation services can help you optimise your facility operations and improve the effectiveness of your workforce.


There’s no need to wait for major line changes or facility overhauls – you can start now.


Industrial Automation


Industrial automation is not news. It is something that is a pre-requisite to running a modern engineering operation. Something you need to have in order to not lose your next contract to China and other price competitive countries.

We work with a wide spectrum of applications, assisting various clients and industries with custom built solutions.


Architecture Assessment, Requirements, and Design

Using our experience and high-calibre design talent, our engineers provide valuable insight into improving your manufacturing operations.   We assess your existing configurations and then work with you to fully map out your requirements.  We work together with you and oyur staff to reach a consensus with strong emphasis on the plant-floor perspective.  We come alongside you as your industrial automation partner, helping you to:


  • Align your business processes to plant workflow.
  • Provide detailed equipment recommendations and alternatives.
  • Increase equipment reliability to minimise waste and reduce downtime.
  • Optimise line or plant floor space with minimum-footprint equipment.
  • Optimise operator usage and supervisory access.
  • Develop flexible, scalable designs to attain your on-going automation goals.
  • Optimise the performance and reliability of your control systems.
  • Achieve seamless, low-impact systems integration.


Bring your control systems to the 21st century with our expert automation engineering services.


Change Management and Planning

Automation Systems


Whether you’re planning a simple line expansion, system evolution, or an entire plant migration, our automation engineering teams bring their solid experience to your automation project.  They get down to the nitty-gritty details while keeping a clear view of the big picture.  The result is a solid plan for an ultra-low-impact upgrade of your facilities.




  • Optimise utilities, minimise costs and environmental impact.
  • Understand industry benchmarks and how your facility compares.
  • Develop an actionable strategy for continuous improvement.
  • Improve yield and quality by maximising overall equipment effectiveness.


Reliable, Delivered Solutions to your Plant Floor

We have solid relationships with all major suppliers, and extensive feet-to-the-floor experience in turn-key delivery. We work hard and smart to minimise order times, install equipment, perform integration testing, and even provide maintenance agreements.   We cover it all, from comprehensive process automation down to specific tool, line, and systems integration projects.


Process and automation system enhancements can improve your profitability, but only if you strive for a low impact implementation.  To accomplish a smooth transition it’s good to have help of seasoned, dedicated automation engineers. It helps you avoid the setbacks which often result from weary resources, schedule slippage, and over-simplistic or neglectful project estimates. When you’re ready to move from individual machines to wide-ranging automation, our engineering team will assess your existing configurations and then work with you to fully map out your automation requirements.


Industrial automation systems

We’re a leader in custom machinery and automation solutions for processing, assembly, and laser marking solutions.  We guide customers to develop and launch quality products into the marketplace and achieve high factory productivity.  Having many years of experience in the industry, we also supply solutions to optimise existing production lines, increase flexibility, and improve product quality, to enable substantial reductions in operating and maintenance costs.