Machine Building

Machine Building

Resulting from an increase in consumer demand for higher product quality and lead time reduction, the design and manufacture of automation equipment has reached new levels of complexity.  After several frustrating attempts, many of our customers find relief when they partnered with us. They  discovered that our machine building services are a time and cost saving.

Machine Building

That’s after they’ve considered all of the expense of design, drawings, components, assimilation, assembly, integration, labour, overhead, documentation, and replacements, etc.

We often hear about frustrations of a do-it-yourself approach to their machine building needs, when a the same time they have a business to run.



It’s very simple: instead of wasting effort and capital on poor results, our customers now invest more of their time and money into growing their business with new product lines and additional revenue.  They realise that it’s simply cost-effective to leave automation and machine building to people who specialise in it.

We are proud to offer the best solutions in:

  • Assembly machines
  • Process Machines
  • Added Value Conveyor Solutions
  • Workbenches
  • Manufacturing Jigs
  • Safety Controls
  • Label Applicators
  • Laser Marking
  • Machine Tending
  • ….and other


Conveyor Systems

We offer a broad selection of conveyor combinations and solutions for high-speed indexing, product re-orientation, and space saving designs to fit into a machine.  Our selection of belt, chain, and timing belt conveyors in combination with vision systems, robots, and laster marking offer you a complete, single-source solution for your advanced conveyor system requirements.


Machine Safety Controls

Machine Safety ControlsMachine safety and productivity don’t need to be mutually exclusive.  Safety can be simple to achieve.  Everyone wants a safe work environment, but most companies don’t have the money or time to implement every possible safety measure.  Beyond accidents, there are many hidden costs lurking in an unsafe factory floor.

It’s a common misconception that safety must come at the expense of productivity.   Adequate safety measures actually enhance overall efficiency, since confidence increases and risk of injury is minimised.


  • A machine or process line may have safeguards – but is the installation correct?
  • Is the safeguard appropriate and sufficient?
  • Are the interfaces with the equipment correct?
  • Do the existing guards ensure maximum safety for the application – without compromising productivity?

The answers these questions come only with a full knowledge of the applicable standards, as well as a solid understanding of the latest machine guard technology.  It’s important to accurately assess the correct risk level, both to avoid inadequate measures and unnecessary capital outlay on over-protection.



Laser Automation

Laser Automation and Machine BuildingWe also specialise in integration of laser components for high-yield manufacturing of special parts and precision components.  We have teams that focus on designing and building workstations that employ laser marking, cutting and drilling, welding, and ablation. Our deep knowledge of mechanical / electrical engineering, laser optics and physics, and software control means we have superior ability to build an exceptional laser system for your industrial application.

We have many happy customers in automotive, aerospace, medical, defence, electronics, and energy industries.  We offer turn-key or custom development, and our project managers have plenty of on-site, hands-on experience.  We can help you achieve yield-rates approaching 99.5 per cent, and eye-popping gains in machine uptime and throughput.


Jigs and Fixtures

From rapid prototyping with CAD to intricate designs—whether or not you have blueprints—our experienced engineers, machine builders, and programmers will work with you to manufacture your fixtures, jigs, gauges and special equipment in according to your precise specifications.


Manufacturing Workstations

 Workstations, Jigs and FixturesIf you’re looking to eliminate waste, prevent defects, and improve your line efficiency, then we can help you put an end to your search.  We offer ergonomic workstations and flexible workstation arrays.  Our assembly systems are easily integrated and reconfigurable, so that you can operate a flexible, lean manufacturing capability.

We have all  the equipment and the customisation experience to help you attain your lean manufacturing and machine building goals.