Machine Vision Systems

Machine Vision Systems

Justifying the expense of machine vision systems on your own might be difficult, but such systems are used in factories of all sizes for one simple reason: superior error and defect detection. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, even mid-rank manufacturers have found that machine vision is the best option of assuring product quality and consistency.


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For several decades, machine vision has been an integral part of manufacturing.  A machine vision system can inspect components much more rapidly than a person, and they can do it round the clock—in harsh conditions.


Machine Vision Basics

Generally, machine vision systems address three critical areas in the manufacturing process: inspection, guidance, and identification.  Let’s have a brief look at each:


Machine Vision SystemsInspection is, of course, all about quality.  Systems configured for inspection typically examine a large range of visible aspects for materials, parts or products.  Such systems can be setup to look for defects, blemishes, foreign objects, correct dimensions, and colour variations.  Vision systems can accommodate diverse objects such as raw or processed food, bulk materials, components, textiles, and fluids.


Guidance means the use of a vision system to locate an entire part, a feature, or a pattern.  Using reference points such, the system can be configured to automate the handling of individual parts or collections to precisely control assembly, material handling and delivery, and packaging.


Identification refers to the distinguishing and tracking of items throughout the entire production cycle.  Machine vision ID systems automatically retrieve codes and other identifying marks on raw materials, components, and products as they move through the manufacturing supply chain.  Machine vision systems can capture 2-dimensional ID codes, similar to the linear barcodes found on all products in your local shop.  These systems can track any industrial code, such as an engraved, painted, or labelled serial numbers.


Machine Vision System

For most production lines, the initial investment in a machine vision system will produce strong returns by:





  • Optimising quality far beyond human capability
  • Driving down costs
  • Enabling full automation

Vision systems installed by us are a major innovation for product manufacturing even for smaller operations.  Our vision systems work with exacting precision – reliably and consistently – so that your products are made faster, with higher quality, and substantially lower cost.   After initial configuration, our vision systems virtually eliminate the need for adjustments, removing downtime and thereby reducing costs.

Many of our customers realised that machine vision systems are an absolute must for any automated facility.  They perform inspection tasks that are quite impossible for people to perform reliably.  Having at our disposal the largest range of components, integration tools, and services, our vision systems integrate with virtually any automation control system or factory network.